CDH Partners HR Manager Honored for Leadership and Change, HR Excellence

Cheryl Gould HR Excellence

Atlanta Business Chronicle and Society for Human Resource Management Honored CDH’s HR Manager Cheryl Gould for HR Excellence

CDH Partners is pleased to announce Cheryl Gould was a finalist in the HR Excellence awards hosted by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and SHRM. Gould joined the team in 2015 as the Human Resource Manger coming from a pharmaceutical company. She is our “process definer” – recognizing the holes in the growth paths, role clarity, processes, and values. She impacted the structure of the company through her efforts.

“Cheryl is the epitome of HR Excellence and deserves this recognition. Her processes help define the CDH culture and I am honored to have her on our team.”

– Melissa Cantrell, CEO of CDH Partners

Because of this hard work, CDH’s stats are quite impressive. With the average length of service of 15 years, CDH’s team commits to our growth through training and mentoring. The company invests in more than 300 hours of continuing education, countless internal mentorship hours, and hundreds of training hours. With considerable growth over the last couple of years, we added 15% more staff, worked over 65,000 manhours, and had a positive revenue growth since 2021.

As a result, the ABC featured CDH for leading transformational change along with CallRail and NCR. The group also recognized Gould as a finalist for Chief Human Resource Officer of the Year along with SWM International and United Distributors.



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