GSA Laboratory

Project Details:

Location: Savannah, GA
Size: 38,100 SF
Client/Owner: General Services Administration

Project Scope:

The goal of this project was to create an enhanced facility to analyze imported materials and merchandise within reach of the Georgia Ports Authority, Savannah. It had high-security requirements due to its tenant—United States Customs and Border Patrol.

Due to advanced security needs, our design team had to take a unique approach to the exterior walls, utilizing pre-cast concrete wall panels as a strong, durable solution that would also ensure energy efficiency and streamlined construction timelines. To create visual interest in the concrete, the design team used deep-grained wood forms and warm color tones to visually soften the extreme exterior.

This sustainably designed facility contains 12 state-of-the-art laboratories, cleaning rooms and offices with expansive windows and light shelves to draw natural daylighting into the environments. The labs require significant mechanical needs and energy consumption, but we used unique approaches to the infrastructure design and achieved a LEED Silver certification.

Working within the project’s unique limitations and restrictions, we used a streamlined design and biophilic color and texture palettes to create a workplace environment that is a warm and welcoming contrast to its bold exterior. Within the development of the site, we incorporated outdoor elements such as bioswales and xeriscaping to conserve water and create natural, indigenous landscapes. The full result established an ultramodern, secure, LEED Silver-certified facility that enables this important government agency to provide efficient service.