Building Solutions, Improving Tomorrow

We are a group of creative people, who plan and design spaces that make a difference such as hospitals, schools, churches, and so much more. Over the years, we have discovered it takes a diverse set of talents to design successful structures that are large and also small—complex as well as unassuming.

This is why we work together in teams of architects, engineers, interior designers, and planners. We work as an integrated and collaborative group. No lines. No boundaries. No walls between us.

Our offices are all under one roof, which saves time, effort, and money for our clients while helping us to work more efficiently.

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Our Story

We believe the buildings we design have a lasting, positive impact on those who use them today and who will use them in the future. Every week more than 75,000 patients receive care in a CDH designed hospital or some other medical facility we have designed. Each Sunday over 500,000 people worship in churches we have planned and designed.

Along with these numbers are the thousands of people, who study and work in classrooms and educational structures we have designed. So this is what we do best: we transform common building materials and ordinary spaces into places of healing, worship, learning, and growth.

CDH Partners is a leading sponsor for the 2014 Northwest Atlanta Heart Walk, which benefits the American Heart Association (AHA).

Our Services

CDH provides fully integrated services to produce high performance solutions. Listening, communicating, and documenting are essential to our building solutions.

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Practice Areas

Those who work at CDH are people of vision—people who solve ordinary and, at times, not so ordinary problems. And we also are people who care deeply about those we know and about those we serve each day.

We design lasting solutions for neighborhoods, communities, and ultimately our country. This is why our desire for excellence is never satisfied because we know we are building structures and spaces that will last and be used by generations to come.

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