Shaping Spaces Through Diverse Voices: International Women’s Day

Today, on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the incredible contributions of women across all industries – and architecture and interior design are no exception! At CDH Partners, a woman-owned, Georgia commercial architecture and interior design firm, we design spaces that inspire and uplift. But what truly defines our success is the team behind the vision. Over 50% of our architects and interior designers are women – a fact we’re incredibly proud of, but it’s our commitment to an inclusive environment that sets us apart.

“Having diverse viewpoints on the design team makes for better end user experience and community engagement,” says Melissa Cantrell, President & CEO. “By embracing all voices within our team, we cultivate a richer company culture and create spaces that are truly responsive to the needs of all users.”

While our team composition is a point of pride, our core mission transcends gender. We’re passionate about creating a more inclusive and equitable AEC industry, actively participating in mentorship programs and outreach initiatives that empower young people to pursue design careers.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Looking for an Atlanta architecture firm or Atlanta interior design firm? We invite you to explore our portfolio and see how our team of talented designers can help you create a space that reflects your vision.

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