Elm Street Cultural Arts Village Ribbon Cutting

Elm Street Cultural Arts Village opens to the public with a ribbon cutting

CDH created the design for this unique art hub

May 2021

After several years of anticipation, the new Reeves House joins the Woodstock, GA downtown as a cultural hub for the community. CDH Partners created the design for the recreated Reeves House for the Elm Street Cultural Arts Village, which has an open interior featuring a gallery for rotating exhibits, a classroom, artist studios, and a coffee shop/wine bar.

This project was a challenging one. After finding more-than-anticipated structural damage to one of Woodstock’s historic buildings, this renovation project aimed at keeping the structure standing instead had to start from the ground up. Our team tackled the designs, planning for a community-centric space that positively impacts lives in the area.

“We are committed to improving lives through design and the reimagining of the Reeves House is a positive way for us to give back to our community and the Arts Village,” says Melissa Cantrell, President of CDH Partners. “This project was not about the money; we did this project was because we felt it was important and believed in their mission.”

CDH provides pro bono architectural and design services for local communities and non-profits. The project is funded by community donations, foundation support and Woodstock Parks and Recreation impact fees. Information: https://elmstreetarts.org/

This project featured in the Cherokee Tribune and Ledger-News


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