Mentoring Month at CDH

Highlighting our interns during Mentoring Month

January 2020

Time – the most valuable asset – is invested our student interns, not only through National Mentoring Month but throughout their educational careers. At CDH, we are honored to invest in the success of our future architects. In this Q&A, student architects Cody Bond, Tim Huntley, and Reese Zimmerman give us some insight into their lives as interns, what propelled them into architecture, and what their favorite designs are.

What drew you to architecture?

Reese Zimmerman: When I was a freshman in high school my home burned down. Starting from nothing, I was able to see the process of design unfold and the construction begin. With a strength in math and physics combined with my love for art, I was able to see how architecture was a combination of my strengths and passion, and so the decision was easy.

What is the most interesting project you’ve worked on?

Tim Huntley: To date, the Phipps Plaza Redevelopment project that is massive and complex. I was thrown in the deep end and was forced to learn on the fly, which was a welcomed challenge for me. Since I’ve been at CDH I have worked on a few different projects. The one that stands out to me is a small project to be used as a retreat for VA patients. Being a combat-wounded veteran, this project has given me a unique kind of fulfillment.

Cody Bond: The most interesting project I have worked on was the Calvary Children Home. It was my first project and I really liked being a part of something bigger and creating an impact for a community.

How does this internship relate to your long-term educational or career goals?

Reese: With my internship, I have been able to get a good understanding of what life is going to look like after school. I would like to design commercial buildings. Because of my role here at CDH, I have worked with many different types of public buildings and navigated the many building codes. My internship has given me the confidence that I can and will be a successful architect.

What types of tasks are you discovering that you enjoy or excel at completing?

Cody: I have many different responsibilities an intern, but the things I like doing tasks that have an impact on other people in a positive way. I enjoy working on projects involving new tasks to learn.

Tim: Before this internship, I had very little experience at the beginning of a project. I have enjoyed working in the schematic design phase. Programming, problem-solving, trying to attain a more crystalized view of the clients needs has been challenging and rewarding.

Reese: My most enjoyable task is taking a building from Revit and bringing it into Lumion to add life to the renders I create. I find it rewarding to be able to convey a concept or idea of the built world to someone before construction has ever begun.

What have you gained from your work experiences?

Tim: I feel challenged and I feel trusted which I am thankful for. Other than that, I have gained a clearer understanding of all the responsibilities of the architect, from first meeting with the client to project completion. I know I still have much to learn and I look forward to my future here at CDH Partners.

Cody: The relationships we create will last and have a huge effect on what happens throughout our careers.

Reese: I learned how to design projects to be built in the real world instead of conceptually. The biggest lesson I learned is to question everything. You don’t know what you don’t know, and the best way to problem solve is to see and understand different solutions to the same problem.

Being a mentor for these interns helps ensure the growth of future architects and of CDH. For more information about our mentor team, check out our Leadership page.


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