Church @ the Springs

Project Details:

Location: Ocala, FL
Size: 76,000 SF
Client/Owner: Church @ the Springs
Highlights: Masterplanning | 1,000-seat sanctuary | Youth Ministry | Distinctive Gathering Spaces

Project Scope:

Nestled within a new walkable golf course community, this contemporary satellite church for Church @ the Springs embraces modern design and the natural surroundings. The exterior showcases a warm blend of composite, cost-effective materials, and energy-efficient glass. A distinctive glass entry tower serves as a main street, connecting all ministries. Inside, the 1,000-seat sanctuary radiates a welcoming ambiance. Equipped with stadium seats at the rear, it effortlessly combines grandeur with intimacy, ensuring all congregants have an excellent view. The adjacent children’s ministry wing, a colorful and engaging space, and the versatile youth ministry area foster a sense of community, making this church a true haven for young families in the growing community.

This facility is more than a place of worship; it’s a symbol of faith and a hub for a dynamic community. With its striking design, innovative features, and a strong emphasis on nurturing young minds and spirits, it stands as a beacon of hope, connecting spirituality with the natural beauty and vibrant spirit of the walkable golf course community it serves.