Tranquility Hospice

Project Details:

Location: Austell, GA
Size: 26,000 SF
Client/Owner: Wellstar Health System

Project Scope:

Wellstar’s Tranquility Hospice is a two-story, 26,000 square foot residential hospice facility providing private, semi-private and two-room suites. Tranquility is northwest Georgia’s first inpatient hospice facility, housing terminally ill patients in the last few months of their lives. The site includes parking, a walking track and gardens. Each of the different living units is designed to provide natural light for the residents. The 20 unit facility consists of 16 private rooms, 2 semiprivate rooms and 2 two-room suites. One private room is designed to accommodate patients with infectious diseases and one private room is designed for pediatric use. A Day Room accommodates approximately 6 day care patients. Common spaces for use by patients and family members include a chapel, den/family room, an activity room, a family dining room, personal laundry, library and screened porches. Tranquility also houses meeting rooms which will be used for continuing education, volunteer training and bereavement groups for families.