University of Georgia Ramsey Center

Project Details:

Location: Athens, GA
Size: 350,000 SF
Client/Owner: University of Georgia and Board of Regents

Project Scope:

At the time of its construction, the University of Georgia’s 350,000-SF Student Physical Activities center was the largest facility of its type in the country. Everyday, approximately 6,500 students, faculty, and visitors enjoy its amenities.

The center features an Olympic-sized swimming and competition diving pools. Flanking the expansive natatorium are eight basketball courts with an elevated one-eighth mile indoor jogging track, twelve racquetball and squash courts, and competition volleyball court.

The gymnastics auditoriums offer opportunities for competitions and team sports. The facility also boasts of a 9,700-SF weight room, three aerobics rooms, combative arts room, and four-story climbing wall.

Supplementing the academic aspects of health and well-being, the complex has an attached 70,000-SF three-level facility that houses the Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Department.