Summer Architectural Intern: A Highlight

Highlighting our summer architectural interns as summer comes to a close

August 2021
Summer is wrapping up and our architectural intern group heads back to the classroom. In this Q&A, student architects Cody Bond, Joel Burnette, and Sadie Gaskell give us some insight into their lives as interns, what propelled them into architecture, and what they have been working on this summer.

What are you majoring in, and why did you decide to take that path?

Joel: I’m going into my third year of majoring in architecture at Kennesaw State University. What intrigued me about this career started with building LEGO sets and building my own creations with LEGO pieces, so that became the foundation of my interest in architecture. After a month of taking an architecture class in high school, I had pretty much solidified my aspiration of becoming an architect.

Sadie: I just finished my third year for undergrad – going into my last year at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. In April 2022, I plan on graduating with a pre-professional degree, Bachelor of Architecture. I’m hoping to continue to get my master’s degree in the coming years. I chose Architecture because of my love for design and the inspiration I got growing up from my role models/family members in the construction field.

Cody: I’m a current student at Kennesaw State University majoring in architecture – something I am passionate about and intrigued by. I like to create things, so this seemed like a good way to use my skills. In June, I celebrated my two year anniversary here at CDH.

What is your favorite project you have worked on as an architectural intern at CDH this summer?

Sadie: This summer I have been working with my supervisors on athletic fields for middle schools and high schools, improving their baseball fields and track programs. I have been helping out on a few different projects which have shown me the parts of design phases and how projects come together. I visited job sites for OAC meetings to meet the team and walk through the building. At these meetings, we reviewed schedules and discussed issues that may have occurred during construction.

Joel: My favorite project is a church auditorium that I am currently working on. I am reorganizing the risers that are lined up against the walls. What I like most is the challenge that this project presented. When working on the redesign, I ran into some concerns with the angles that the risers needed to be at; most of the time the back row would cut into the angled wall, so having to accurately define this angle posed a lot of trial and error, as well as a lot of time. This challenge was enjoyable to work with and it was very relieving when the risers finally fit into place.

Cody: My favorite project I’ve worked on this summer is Stoneview Elementary School. I have been able to work on this from scans and drawing – making this project a real building.

Can you tell us a little about your day-in-the-life as an architectural intern?

Cody: My day consists of working any project that needs an extra hand and helping the operations team with any daily tasks that need to be completed.

Sadie: A day-in-the-life would consist in collaborating with supervisors and designers, diving right into the project, and having the contacts to reach out to when I run into a question or discuss what the next step is going to look like.

Joel: I arrive at 9:00 and catch up on a few things with the project that I am working on or cleaning up any kind of model details to make it less of a hassle to work with. At 10:00, my studio gathers for a meeting, where new projects are received. Using Revit, I begin the day with whatever project I have been give. The rest of the day is fairly simple. After lunch, I continue working on the project up until 5:00, and then I head out of the office to go home.

What have you loved about working as an architectural intern at CDH?

Joel: What I’ve enjoyed most is the environment of the office; most days it can be very quiet, which helps me focus on the project I’m working on. I also enjoyed working with experienced people and collaborating with them – allowing me to learn beyond what is taught at school.

Sadie: CDH has offered me some amazing opportunities exposing me to the design side of the job as well as the project manager side. I am grateful for the different programs I have been able to gain more experience with such as Lumion, Revit, and Illustrator.

Cody: I have enjoyed working at CDH because of the inviting people and environment. It is always a pleasure to enjoy waking up and going to a job that you love. I am lucky to have found that here at CDH.

Being a mentor for these interns helps ensure the growth of future architects and of CDH. For more information about our mentor team, check out our Leadership page.


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